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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Jackson! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Jackson, MS. Many of the wild animals you may encounter in your home can bring a threat of disease, and three diseases that often occur are salmonella, leptospirosis, and histoplasmosis. None of these are particularly pleasant, and are easily transmitted in urine and droppings, which can also cause odor problems, and mold too. These are all problems we can deal with, “We” being a family run business with over 10 years of experience in the wildlife control industry. We have the right tools for the job - state of the art tools at that - and we also have the right knowledge to get those wild animals out without harming them, and by causing you and your property the least fuss and mess possible. We’ll clean after the animal, and ourselves, and it is our thorough clean-up operations that helps to fight back against that threat of disease. Combine that with a 32-point home inspection, and you have a combination of wildlife control methods that has been guaranteed to work. That’s why our customers keep coming back, and why they voted us #1 metropolitan area wildlife control company for three years in a row. We’re available 24/7 over the phone, and we can offer free advice if you can handle the situation on your own, or a same-day / emergency appointment for when you can't. We’re super friendly, with a level of customer care we know you’ll be more than satisfied with, and we're waiting for your call! Give us a call today for your free quote. Call us now at 601-724-7726 for your Jackson wildlife control needs.

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Our Service Range

We service Copiah County, Hinds County, Madison County, Rankin County, Simpson County, Yazoo County, Warren County and Lincoln County. We service towns such as Jackson, Clinton, Pearl, Brandon, Canton, Madison, Ridgeland, Yazoo City, Vicksburg, Brookhaven, Byram, Crystal Springs, Edwards, Flora, Florence, Flowood, Hazlehurst, Magee, Mendenhall, Pelahatchie, Raymond, Richland, Wesson, Beauregard, Bentonia, Bolton, Braxton, D'Lo, Eden, Georgetown, Learned, Puckett, Satartia, Terry, and Utica.

Jackson Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: House Mouse Repellent

How to Win the Battle against Mice Before It Even Starts..
None of us want Jackson mice in our homes. Ok, correction. None of us want wild mice in our homes. We may like to have a little cage of domesticated mice because they are cute and safe. But this is not true of wild mice. Wild Mississippi mice can be quite dangerous for sure. They carry a large number of germs and parasites and can be hazardous to your family and your pets.

The problem is that once they are in your home they can be a real handful to try to get rid of. You can hire an exterminator to kill them off, but often this means poisoning them in some way, and now you have a bunch of rotting Mississippi mouse carcasses in your wall. That is not a good option.

The key to winning the battle for your home is to ensure that the Jackson mice never get inside your home in the first place. There is no war if they never get to the battlefield, and so keeping them out is the key to gaining victory by default. This can be done by using repellants that keep mice away. There are many commercial brands you can buy at the store, and they are quite successful in getting the results you want. You simply apply the repellant outside of your home, garbage area or shed as the instructions suggest and the mice will stay away. Most of these repellants work in two ways. First, the smell is pungent enough to the Mississippi mice that they find it too irritating and will not want to come near your home. Secondly, the chemicals in the repellant can be irritating to the digestive and respiratory tracts, making it uncomfortable for the little beasts. They will not want to come back because they will know what awaits them and you have won the battle right off.

You should be aware that there are less costly options that can yield the same results. The first of these is the use of peppermint. While commercial options can cause problems for your own pets, peppermint oil has no ill effects on your cat or dog. Peppermint oil causes irritation to the skin of the Mississippi mouse. When the mouse steps on the oil it causes the paws to become irritated. The mouse then tries to lick off the oil which causes even more problems. Some argue that this is a good remedy because they say that it takes a large quantity to actually cause irritation. This would be true if we were talking about a dog or cat, but it is not true of a Jackson mouse. Only a small amount will have a positive effect for what you are looking for.

A good option is to mix ammonia with bleach and put it around your home, preferably on cotton balls or some other cloth that can hold in the chemicals. The combining of these two substances is the basis upon which the World War I nerve agent Mustard Gas was created. When you are mixing this you want to be very careful. This can be hazardous to you if breathed in. You want to make sure that you combine the two in a well ventilated area. Make sure to wear gloves and a surgical mask. This will make it the safest for you.