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Removal of Honey Bees From a House

Honey bees can provide us with delicious honey and they are a vital part of the ecosystem, but you probably will not be happy to find a beehive near your Jackson home. The thought of getting stung by a honey bee is enough to keep you away from these animals as much as possible. Although it is true that a honey bee will die after stinging you, there are more efficient and less painful ways of removing Mississippi honey bees from your home. Although you might be scared to deal with these creatures, there are some safe and effective methods you can use for removal.

There is only one pesticide that is registered for the elimination of honey bees in your home:
Carbaryl (sevin) 5% dust. In order to avoid continual applications, the dust must be applied properly the first time. Should you use it in the entrance where they are getting in, Sevin may not reach the nest. It may affect the foraging bees that are going by, but it will not affect the queen and house bees. Since the house bees take care of the brood, you are guaranteed additional Jackson bees.

The best measure for removing Jackson honey bees is by dusting the nest. This requires finding out exactly where the nest is. You can use a hammer on the wall and listen with a glass to the wall for the most sound. A hole may then be bored once the nest is found and the dusting can be accomplished this way. If you find that the colony is established, there are larger swarms, more honey and more comb. These colonies are best killed in the winter or early spring, generally February and March. A Mississippi beekeeper will be able to handle the problem quickly.

Honey bees can be a real nuisance, and you don’t want to live in fear that you will get stung. The best thing to do is to follow the suggestions above to effectively and safely remove the Mississippi honey bee population from around your home. Most people will not want to interact directly with the bees, so they will opt to call in the professionals to completely remove the bees and their hive. If you are scared or not comfortable removing the bees yourself, find a qualified Jackson professional with the right tools, knowledge and experience to handle the job with care.

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