Jackson Wildlife and Animal Removal

Muscovy Duck Trapping

Although it could be fun to watch a group of Jackson ducks gathered at the pond in the park, it is a whole different story when they invade your yard. They can cause major problems for your landscaping, and they will leave feces everywhere. If you want to reclaim your yard from one or more Muscovy ducks, there are a few options available to you. Some people will want to kill the Mississippi ducks, but most people choose to trap and remove them. Others will call in the professionals to get rid of the problem for them. If you decide to trap them, consider the suggestions mentioned below.

Muscovy ducks can be invasive in nature. They may live alone or in small groups; therefore it can be easier to trap them in groups. Muscovy ducks have special traps that can effectively catch them. All you have to do is check for the duck trap at your local animal control center, and then place the trap close to your lawn or any other area where the Jackson ducks are active. You can use bait, especially foods they like (including small insects).

You can also use large funnel traps to trap Mississippi Muscovy ducks. Funnel traps have a large funnel mouth that automatically shuts itself when the ducks step on its trigger. The funnel trap does not injure the ducks; however, it ensures that they are permanently trapped inside, without any chances of getting out until the trap owner comes to remove or relocate it somewhere else. The use of dogs or any other predator can also be effective in trapping ducks, but such cruel trapping may not be recommended. There are special traps that can be hidden inside ponds to catch Jackson Muscovy ducks, but these can be tedious to install.

Trapping Muscovy ducks may not be an easy project, but it is more humane than some other methods of eradicating these invasive species. You will want to act quickly at the first sign that these birds are taking over your yard before more and more of their friends join them. This will also ensure that the damage is limited as much as possible. Make your Mississippi yard as unwelcoming as possible to the Muscovy ducks to deter them from entering your property. If necessary, you can use the traps as described above to take your yard back from one or more Jackson Muscovy ducks.

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