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Many of the wild animals you may encounter in your home can bring a threat of disease, and three diseases that often occur are salmonella, leptospirosis, and histoplasmosis. None of these are particularly pleasant, and are easily transmitted in urine and droppings, which can also cause odor problems, and mold too. These are all problems we can deal with, “We” being a family run business with over 10 years of experience in the wildlife control industry. We have the right tools for the job - state of the art tools at that - and we also have the right knowledge to get those wild animals out without harming them, and by causing you and your property the least fuss and mess possible. We’ll clean after the animal, and ourselves, and it is our thorough clean-up operations that helps to fight back against that threat of disease. Combine that with a 32-point home inspection, and you have a combination of wildlife control methods that has been guaranteed to work. That’s why our customers keep coming back, and why they voted us #1 metropolitan area wildlife control company for three years in a row. We’re available 24/7 over the phone, and we can offer free advice if you can handle the situation on your own, or a same-day / emergency appointment for when you can't. We’re super friendly, with a level of customer care we know you’ll be more than satisfied with, and we're waiting for your call! Give us a call today for your free quote.